hf.lan 8 - Teaser

Le 11/18/2014

Good evening dear players ! We are proud to revel the official hf.lan 8's teaser ! Come take a first look at what is going to happen during this week-end !

hf.lan 8 - BuyKey sponsor

Le 11/18/2014

Good evening dear players. We are proud to announce for the very first time our sponsor Buykey ! What is it? BuyKey is a website who, like it's name would imply, makes the user able to buy games online with the best prices, any purchase...

hf.lan 8 - Monstercat sponsor

Le 11/16/2014

   Monstercat  will be our sponsor for the second time during this hf.lan Monstercat prides itself in supporting rising electronic artists from around the globe. With singles charting at #1 Worldwide on Beatport and albums hitting...

hf.lan 8 - Players and teams list

Le 11/13/2014

Good evening, here is the list of players and teams participating to the hf.lan 8.  League of Legends - 16/16 équipes Ascentio Trinity (JuJu Tw0, xeRRR, ßloodyz Bento QQ, Chreak, PadawanXKéké ) Black...

hf.lan 8 - Gunnar Optiks sponsor

Le 11/12/2014

Good evening to you ! This is a partner from our last edition : Gunnar Optiks. GUNNAR Optiks is a company founded in 2007, specializing in treated eyewear designed specifically to be safety glasses and protect eyes from computer vision syndrome....

hf.lan 8 - Meltdown sponsor

Le 11/12/2014

Good evening everybody ! This article will introduce you the Meltdown, which is a 100% eSports gaming bar where you can drink, play games and watch eSports every day of the week. The Meltdown brings together the community of craziest gamers...

hf.lan 8 - OsteoGaming sponsor

Le 11/12/2014

Hello everyone, as the hf is coming very soon, we will present you our partners for this 8th edition. Here's one sponsor already present during the last edition, who will offer you a free osteopathy session during the LAN . What...