hf.lan 8 - SaltyPlayGround

Le 10/30/2014

We have a great announce to make ! The famous professional streaming group SaltyPlayGround signed up for the hf.lan 8 ! SPG will stream essentialy SSBM during the lan, their objectif is to bring a high quality streaming, focused on european Smash...

hf.lan 8 - Registration opening

Le 10/25/2014

Dear players, registration for the hf.lan 8 will open very soon! It is scheduled for tomorrow at 5.00 pm ! Do not forget that tournament's slots are limited ! We remind you that your slot is booked only when you have paid your entry on BuyPacker.

hf.lan 8 - Dates

Le 10/03/2014

Dear players, we are proud to announce the hf.lan 8's dates, it will take place during November the 22th-23th. Save these two days and stay tuned ! The registrations dates will be announced soon. We're not messing with the traditions ! the...

hf.lan 7 - Aftermovie

Le 10/03/2014

The aftermovie of hf.lan 7 is available. Click here ! Thanks to Thomas Lavergne

hf.lan 7 - Monstercat Sponsor

Le 05/30/2014

For the first time since the beginning of the hf.lan, we are in partnership with a music label. We are proud to present Monstercat! Monstercat prides itself in supporting rising electronic artists from around the globe. With singles charting at #1...

hf.lan 7 - Gunnar Optiks Sponsor

Le 05/27/2014

Good evening to you ! We would like to introduce a new sponsor for this edition which is Gunnar Optiks. GUNNAR Optiks is a company founded in 2007, specializing in treated eyewear designed specifically to be safety glasses and protect eyes from...

hf.lan 7 - List of players and teams

Le 05/27/2014

Hello everyone, after many requests from participants, you will find below the list of players and teams participating in the hf.lan 7 : League of Legends 2 Senpai 3 Kohai (Zenom, RG Razayel, lordofsushis, The Brosak, King Senpei) Baka...