hf.lan 7 - Prolongation of the registration period

Le 05/26/2014

Hi everyone, due to the increase of available slots in Free Player, we decided to postpone the end of the entries in Thursday, May 29th at 11:59pm to give more time to those who wish to participate in the LAN. Reminder: The League of Legends and...

hf.lan 7 - OsteoGaming Sponsor

Le 05/26/2014

Hello everyone, we present another sponsor who will offer you a free osteopathy session during the LAN . What is Osteopathy? Osteopathy is a manual therapy to relieve muscular and skeletal disorders and restore movement to the various body's...

hf.lan 7 - Meltdown Sponsor

Le 05/25/2014

Good evening everybody ! The hf.lan 7 opening its doors in less than 6 days , we would like to introduce our various partners so that every day you discover many prizes to win at this LAN . Today, we start with the Meltdown, which is a 100% eSports...

hf.lan 7 - HearthStone mini-tournament

Le 05/24/2014

April the 30th, a HearthStone tournament was announced. Below are the many questions that you might ask about this mini- tournament. Why use the term mini- tournament? Unlike LoL, SC2 and SSBM tournaments, the Hearthstone tournament will not be...

hf.lan 7 - Approval to MFJV

Le 05/21/2014

Hello everybody, we want to announce you that our event was recently approved by the French Masters of Video Game (MFJV) on the games : - LoL in Masters Series - SC2 in Masters Series What does that mean for you? You can participate in the MFJV...

hf.lan 7 - Registration is open

Le 04/27/2014

Dear players, registration for the hf.lan 7 is now open ! We remind you that tournament's slots are limited ! We ask you to create a new account on our website to register, under penalty of not being able to pay your place and participate at...

hf.lan 7 - Teaser

Le 04/11/2014

The 7th edition is coming soon, look what awaits you: Registrations will open in less than 3 weeks, we are waiting for you. Thank to Matthieu Goulard.