hf.lan 7 - Date

Le 04/03/2014

Dear players, after a memorable hf.lan 6, It is a pleasure for us to announce that hf.lan 7 will take place during the week-end of May 31 - June 1. Prepare your agendas because for the 7th edition, you will have some funny new features. As usual,...

hf.lan 6 - After Movie

Le 04/03/2014

After more than four months of colossal work, we are proud to present you the hf.lan 6’s After Movie. Thank to Matthieu Goulard for this great job. Stay tuned, a good news will come forth this evening.

hf.lan 6 - Tourmanent results

Le 03/28/2014

Hello everybody, Very late, here are the results of the hf.lan 6 tournament. Congratulations to all our participants ! One more time, you made the show and we have assisted to a great entertainment. League of Legends (Leaguepedia) Pro...

Adjournment of registrations

Le 11/17/2013

As you can see, registrations did not open today as planned because of an issue with the payment system. Therefore, they will open on the 18/11/2013 at 20:00 ! Be ready as slots available are limited !

hf.lan 6 - Teaser

Le 11/07/2013

We are happy to show you the teaser of this hf.lan 6 ! We can't wait, this LAN is going to be awesome ;) Thanks to Matthieu Goulard for the teaser.

hf.lan 6 - Registrations

Le 11/07/2013

hf.lan 6 is coming very soon so be ready, registrations will open on the 17th of november, at 11 a.m. Three tournaments are available : League of Legends, Starcraft II - Heart of the Swarm and Super Smash Bros Melee. For more details, go...

hf.lan 6 - Date

Le 10/20/2013

The last hf.lan took place almost six months ago. We don't want to make you wait more, the hf.lan 6, Winter Edition, will take place on the 14-15th of december 2013. Save the date, it's going to be awesome ! Expect some...