hf.lan 7 - HearthStone mini-tournament

[article image] Le 05/24/2014

April the 30th, a HearthStone tournament was announced. Below are the many questions that you might ask about this mini- tournament.

Why use the term mini- tournament?

Unlike LoL, SC2 and SSBM tournaments, the Hearthstone tournament will not be the same size. It will be organized in a fun and casual setting.

If I already participating to a tournament, can I participate to the Hearthstone tournament ?

Whether you are a visitor, free player or competitor in one of our three tournaments, you can obviously participate in the same time to the Hearthstone tournament.

And how much it will cost me?

In addition to the registration fee to the LAN via BuyPacker, registration for the Hearthstone tournament cost 3 € , payable at the LAN.

How do I register?

It's very simple, just visit the animation area and ask to register for the Hearthstone tournament. Of course, any staff member will show you the location of the animation area, if necessary.

What do we win ?

The registration fee will be dedicated to the prize pool. In addition, we will give many gifts you will discover at the LAN.

Places are limited ? How to organize the tournament? ?

Since the number of participants has not been fixed yet, the tournament format will be defined later. We can confirm that the tournament will be held in the evening after the end of the tournament matches of the day.