hf.lan 8 - Gunnar Optiks sponsor

[article image] Le 11/12/2014

Good evening to you !

This is a partner from our last edition : Gunnar Optiks.

GUNNAR Optiks is a company founded in 2007, specializing in treated eyewear designed specifically to be safety glasses and protect eyes from computer vision syndrome. Products designed by Gunnar Optiks are players glasses , commonly called Gunnar, that protects, strengthens and improves vision.

What are the benefits of Gunnar ?

  • An amber hue : This color increases the contrast, detail , and resolution while reducing the light intensity. Result: more natural colors , and less tiredness.
  • Reducing glare : a monitor will never hurt your eyes.
  • Detail enhancement : Allows you to see things you would not have seen without the glasses with filters.
  • Minimizing eye tiredness : reduc the stress inflicted to you by monitors.
  • An increase in concentration : Helps to focus and to naturally protects against fatigue.
  • Great ergonomics : With light and adjustable frames, do not lose style while enjoying a comfortable fit.
  • Compatibility with glasses : It is possible to adjust the optical GUNNAR with your vision by going to an authorized Carl Zeiss Vision dealer.

You can find more information about Gunnar glasses on : http://www.gunnars.com/

Gunnar Optiks reserves for winners :

  • 6 pairs of Gunnar Optiks glasses with a total value of 600€

Other surprises await you throughout the week.