hf.lan 8 - OsteoGaming sponsor

[article image] Le 11/12/2014

Hello everyone, as the hf is coming very soon, we will present you our partners for this 8th edition.

Here's one sponsor already present during the last edition, who will offer you a free osteopathy session during the LAN .

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy to relieve muscular and skeletal disorders and restore movement to the various body's tissues.

Who will manipulate us ?

Florian Deverriere, an osteopathic student, has offered osteopathy sessions to players for almost 1 year. He participated in the Paris Games Week, the hf lan 6, Lyon E -Sport or the Gamers Assembly and has some experience of different concerns that can meet players during long and intense gaming sessions.

In the final year of study at IPEO ( Private Institute Osteopathic Education ), he performs a Mémoire to improve the performance of players through osteopathic treatment.

Where can I find him in the LAN ?

Florian Deverriere will be in a visible stand at the entrance, so if you have pain somewhere, are keen to boost your skill or just curious, do not hesitate to see him, and take advantage of osteopathic care.

I would like to contact him outside the LAN

If some people are interested in this project rather strange, do not hesitate to visit his Facebook page Osteo Gaming or his YouTube channel Osteo Gaming, where you will find all the necessary information.

We hope many of you will go to see Florian for a session and discover what is osteopathy.