HFLAN Melee Edition - Less than 12 days !

[article image] Le 04/28/2015

The HFLAN Melee Edition is in less than 12 days !

256 players from around the world are expected. You have no reason to miss one of the greatest SSBM European events in partnership with LeFrenchMelee.

Beginner or Pro, you can take part in the following tournaments :
- Melee Singles
- Melee Doubles
- Wii U Singles
- Project M Singles

Like any HFLAN, drinks are unlimited and free, hot dogs are free for lunch. Enjoy a family atmosphere and a meeting point for passionate people around the world.

Book your weekend of 09-10 May 2015 !

Register here : https://smash.gg/tournament/hflan-melee-edition