HFLAN Melee Edition - Results

Le 05/09/2015

Hello there,

The HFLAN Melee edition is now over, and the staff would like to thanks everyone that has taken part in this great event !

This was the first time the HFLAN hosts a dedicated Melee Edition, and it was a truely unique experience. Thanks again to all players and staff for making this such a fun event.

Now, let's get on the actual results of the tournaments. Congratulations on everyone that managed to get to the top, and good game to everyone else !


Melee Simples

  • 1st : Armada
  • 2nd : Amsah
  • 3rd : ​Prof. Pro

Melee Doubles

  • 1st:  Armada & Zhu
  • 2nd: Amsah & Vanity Angel
  • 3rd: Prof. Pro & Fuzzyness

ProjectM Simples

  • 1st: Armada
  • 2nd: Prof. Pro
  • 3rd: Fuzzyness

Smash 4

  • 1st: Leon 
  • 2nd: Glutonny
  • 3rd: Griffith


You can find the detailed results on smash.gg brackets system:

Hoping to see you during the next HFLANs ! Stay tuned :)